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Wanna see “Triple G” LIVE ?

MISSION STATEMENT: I PROMISE to do my BEST to make it as FUN for you as it will be for me!!

Gregg Lancer (a.k.a. "Triple G") performs frequently as a soloist singer & keyboardist in the So Cal region of Orange County and his show schedule is here on this website. (under “Gregg's Performances” tab).

Known for his lively charm and wit, superb musicianship and vocals, Gregg stays true to his mission of giving infectious shows with “music that edifies,” playing the greatest hits of the last 5 + decades, including many of his personal favorites that directly influenced him as a singer.

He also shares a bit about the times in which the songs were written, so everyone has the chance to reminisce about their past.

With a song list of over 100 songs, he hands them out to his audience so they can choose to hear their favorites. And with each song programmed into his computer, he plays along to them, adding his tasteful piano & vocal licks to each song, and sings them out in full voice!

With the full band music tracks playing behind him, he’s brings a full band sound in a one man show!

He also has an extra mic on stage for anyone to join along!

Ready to be entertained? Wanna book him for a private event?


Learn more about Triple G below!

And check out his show schedule on the "Performances" tab!

FEEL FREE TO COPY & PASTE, Gregg's BIO. (below)

Known as “Triple G” ~ Gregg Lancer is a Grammy nominated vocalist who shares his love of the greatest hits of the past, the “songs we all grew up on.” He’s a one-man band who plays the keys and sings to a full band sound. Sharing fun facts about the times the songs were written and taking requests from a song list of over 100 songs, you’re guaranteed to hear one of your favorites and if you like, you can sing one too! His genre is extensive, covering pop, rock, country, R&B, dance, & the classics. A seasoned vocalist & entertainer that delivers the true joy and fun in music. Experience for yourself what Gregg loves to proclaim: ”This is gonna be as fun for you as it will be for me!”


Sunsets on the water in Dana Point Harbor @

Yo "Triple G"!

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Before I even tell you about what & why "Triple G," you get access to a FREE VIDEO in full length, to check out how I sing. If you like what you see, please purchase as many songs as you like. The money you spend will pay for more studio time for me, Triple G, to record more "music that edifies"! Click on the MUSIC tab and scroll down to the video.

So, "Triple G" you might be wondering? Wassup wit dat? Well, In The Beginning . . . when my parents chose a name for me, they went with GREGG and not "Gregory," so that means, I was just . . . plain old Gregg.  For my whole life !!! Hmm. Poor guy, right?

On the contrary! The advantage of not being named "Gregory" over time allowed me to recognize that three G's in my first name was quite unique and therefore, "Triple G" was born! A.K.A. "G to the power of 3," or "G Cubed." All of that to say, Gregg Lancer, me,  is playfully  known as "Triple G" and is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, performer, vocal coach, author, speaker, and musician. There's even more to the Triple G name, so read on . . .

 Also a husband to one drop dead gorgeous wife and father of 2 boys and a Golden Retriever, I am a public speaker, a vocal coach, an avid surfer, a former lifeguard, and admittedly, addicted to chocolate & sunshine. I'm also a professional financial advisor & retirement planner and known as the one-and-only, "Retirement Lifeguard" in the financial services industry.  A multi-gifted musical artist and a man of financial integrity with a very happy clientele. (Visit and on

On this music website, you will have the opportunity to view, to listen to and own, recordings of my immense vocal range and quality and styles that cross over many genres of music. Whether that be pop, rock, R&B, funk, blues, Christian Contemporary or Rock, and or Southern Gospel, Triple G covers it all!



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